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Since 1991 STA Search has been instrumental in helping companies identify and hire some of the best and brightest within architects, engineers, construction, and technology industries.


Our firm began recruiting professionals in technology for companies such as Intel, NEC, Hewlett Packard, Bank of America and so many more.

A natural curiosity of how things work and developing business allowed business to grow and include architect, engineers and construction industries such as: Arkel International, BE&K, Caltrop, Lotus Works, Alstom Power, WET Design and many more.

We are connected to top professionals throughout the country and internationally. We thrive on a challenge and have been instrumental in finding key personnel.

Janet Crooks


As founder of STA Search, Janet is the primary source and contact.
Her career spans working in business, technology, consulting and recruiting services. Janet began her career in business graduating with a background in technology. From business to technology and desire to understand business and complex processes drives STA today. Working as a Consultant traveling throughout the U.S. has proven invaluable when dealing with clients and candidates. Relating to customer and clients lends a human touch to understanding what motivates and drives people to succeed.
Whether your search is for a CFO, Manager, Structural Engineer or Director to a unique position in a niche market, we view each recruiting effort as a challenge and opportunity.
In 1991 Janet founded her first recruiting firm and since that time has developed a solid reputation for integrity, follow-through, confidentiality and resourcefulness.



Ethical standards are the foundation of our business. We are proud of our standard of professional ethical practices both our clients and candidates.


Client and candidate confidentiality.

  • Client and candidate information will be disclosed with the knowledge and approval of both parties involved.
  • To ensure all candidates formally presented have been interviewed and evaluated according to the suitability of the client’s position.


To abide by all applicable laws and regulations relating to recruitment or employment practices. We will not discriminate in the acceptance or referral of candidates on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status, disability or other protected characteristic.


    To maintain regular contact with both the client and candidates


    To treat all candidates with respect and dignity, and when appropriate provide constructive guidance.


    To obtain professional references for all candidates after there is an expressed interest.. References will be presented to the client at the time they are intending to present an offer.


    We will ensure that the terms and obligations of our Fee Agreement or contractual agreement is fully in place prior to beginning an assignment.


    We agree to maintain a professional relationship with our clients and candidates at all times.

    STA Search was very professional in assisting me with my career placement needs. They went far beyond introducing me to a prospective employer; they patiently worked through all aspects of the recruitment and hiring process, and eased the stress of relocating me and my family to a new area. Janet was a pleasure to work with.

    J. Tinsley, CFO


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