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Is there a charge to the candidate?

No. Our fee is based on an agreement with our client prior to recruiting for the position.

Does your fee impact my salary?

No. Salary is negotiated with you and the client based on skills, experience and overall total compensation.

Is a single-page Resume the standard to submit?

No. A candidate with less than five years of experience may be OK with a single page resume, but the typical resume is an average of 2 – 4 pages.

Am I better off to negotiate my own salary?

A recruiter can gather additional information and negotiate terms and conditions on your behalf. This can be mutually beneficial for both the candidate and client.

What are the benefits of working with a recruiter?

For clients it’s the experience, knowledge, dedication and resources established by the recruiter or firm that provide the right candidates in a timely manner.

For candidates the expertise and guidance a recruiter can provide to help through the submission, interview and insight into the company can be invaluable. A great recruiter will work with you to help you find the next job that’s right for you.


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